«A questo difficile bambino che è Tempo Reale». Preistoria del Centro di ricerca musicale di Luciano Berio a Firenze (1972-1987)


  • Giulia Sarno


The centre for music research, production and pedagogy Tempo Reale was founded in Florence by Luciano Berio in 1987. The project to establish the centre was very troubled and involved some prominent figures in the Italian musical, cultural and political arena, as well as the main local institutions. Combining archival data with first-hand memories from people involved in the process, the paper retraces the steps that, over 15 years, led to the foundation of the centre, touching upon some wide trajectories of interest: these include, besides Berio’s personal history, the Italian Communist Party’s cultural policy in Tuscany, the power balance between the local parties, the vicissitudes of the Florentine Teatro Comunale, as well as issues connected to the reform of the Italian legislation on the performing arts.