SIdM also produces music editions, book series, and dictionaries. Scholarly editions of music include three series: Concerti e Sinfonie, Monumenti Musicali Italiani, and Edizioni di Musica Mensurale. Each one is coordinated by an international team of acknowledged authorities, ensuring impeccable scholarship.
There are four book series, also coordinated by teams of highly acknowledged and rigorous scholars — Manuali, Musica nel Novecento Italiano, Repertori Musicali, and Strumenti della Ricerca Musicale. These range from the high-class catering to general readers of Manuali (a veritable pride of Italian music publishing) to the in-depth studies of Repertori Musicali.
Dictionaries are devoted to music publishers and publishing houses: one from its origins to the mid-eighteenth century, and one from 1750 to 1930. These are the outcome of some very extensive research work, involving most renowned Italian and foreign authorities.
SIdM also sponsors series or single books that it does not produce, whenever the SIdM editorial committee acknowledges their scholarly interest and rigor.

Corporate Editions Manager:
Francesco Rocco Rossi 
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Mariateresa Dellaborra, Antonella D’Ovidio, Christine Getz, Chiara Pelliccia, Guido Salvetti, Licia Sirch