Reminded by "Reminded by the Instruments" – You Nakai in conversation with Valentina Bertolani and Laura Zattra

Thursday, March 24 2022, h.2-3.30 (Italy) 

Organised by "RiSME", research group on electroacoustic music of SIdM (Italian Musicological Society) and supported by AIMI (Italian Computer Music Association)

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The event is free and open to anyone. The discussion will be in English and it will flow informally around Nakai’s book on David Tudor, concerning electronic instruments, schematics, puzzles, archives… and more. Questions and comments from participants will be welcome.



Valentina Bertolani (Carleton University, Ottawa/ University of Birmingham)
You Nakai (The University of Tokyo)
Laura Zattra (IRCAM/ Bologna, Castelfranco, and Rovigo Conservatories)

You Nakai fabricates music(ians), dance(rs), haunted musical houses, nursery rhymes, and other forms of performances as a member of No Collective (, and publishes experimental children’s books and other literary oddities as a member of Already Not Yet ( His extensive research on David Tudor’s music has been published as Reminded by the Instruments: David Tudor’s Music (Oxford University Press, 2021, Other recent Tudor-related outputs include the double LP+booklet, Monobirds: From Ahmedabad to Xenon ( He is currently affiliated with the University of Tokyo where he teaches “Archi-Choreographies,” "Zoomusic" and “Non-Natural History of Influence,” as well as the Kyoto City University of Arts where he teaches “Fake Western Music History” and “Experimental Pet Sounds.”


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